Burwood Road on the Rise

Burwood Road is fast becoming recognised for its emerging cafe culture, it is finally coming out from under the shadows of its more well known brother of Glenferrie Road. Tag explores some the great offers along...read more

Conversations with a Chef

Sandra and I sit outside the Piccolina on Glenferrie Road in the warm sun, the bells from the passing trams compete with the really great music Sandra has on inside. I knew we would talk about gelato. I hadn’t really thought about us talking about the importance of family...read more


Simple, honest Italian food – this is what Rococo is all about and has prided itself in delivering to the Hawthorn community for over a decade. From award-winning Bolognese dishes to signature artisan pizza, Rococo has always been focused on classic taste, fresh product...read more


Roy's Barbers

Tucked away down The Laneway at 715A Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, you will find the timeless and unassuming Roy’s Barber. Indeed a hidden gem, the building has been in owner Ben Bartlett’s family since the early 1950s. Ben describes the building itself as having a ‘mixed...read more

Kiora Medical Spa

Meet Dr Grace Lin and Dr Neville Lee See: the husband and wife team with a passion for all things cosmetics. After meeting in medical school, the couple joined forces to bring the finest in cosmetic care to Hawthorn and haven’t looked back since. Grace and Neville have...read more

Body Catalyst

Samantha Barakat Light founded Body Catalyst five years ago in Sydney, with the purpose of helping people make a physical and emotional shift.

Her experience in health science, coupled with her curiosity in body sculpting, led her on a quest to seek technology that could...read more



Much ado surrounds the hot topic of the future of work. Coworking spaces are popping up all over Australia + NZ and have become the future of work in terms of how companies are engaging spaces as a service verses traditional bricks and mortar...read more

Summer Proposal

There’s no better proposal than one imbued with all the passion of a hot summer. So, our summer proposal to you is to give your marriage the reception it deserves with a springtime wedding. Why are spring weddings such an excellent seasonal wedding option? Spring weddings...read more


It is a momentous occasion for one of Hawthorns oldest retailers last month with Dobsons clothing and uniform store celebrating 100 years in business on December 13th, 2018.

Fourth generation Dobson, Managing Director, Alistair Dobson says he couldn’t be prouder to be...read more


Sun Kissed Glenferrie

Do you feel that welcoming warmth in the air? Can you smell the sweet fragrance of newly blossoming flowers? That’s right dear readers, summer is finally on its way.

And what better way to celebrate the sun’s arrival than to bask in its warmth on a rooftop or courtyard?  We’ve compiled a collection of our favourite summer retreats to give you the lowdown on Hawthorn’s hidden gems. Read more...


The Best Bubbles for Summer

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? If you ask Red White & Amber Liquor Merchants (and many other Glenferrie locals!) they will undoubtedly tell you it’s the multitude of fantastically festive champagnes and sparkling wines on offer. And who could argue with that? After all, nothing quite says Christmas like the celebratory pop of some delicious fizz. Read more...

Craft Beers

It's been a great few years for beer drinkers in Melbourne as there are more and more quality brewers on the scene, more choice from regional and interstate breweries and more importers tracking down rare brews. Read more...


Nick Angle - 1st Product

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and collaboration between brands is the key to bringing passion and imagination to reality. TAG sat down with Nick Angel, the owner of 1st Product to find out more about his store and the value he places on collaborations. Read more...

A La Plage - Resort & Swimwear

Calling all beach goers! With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get that perfect summer swimwear for basking on the beach or by the pool. If this resonates with you, you have come to the right place. A La Plage is your local family run business Read more...


Sonia Denson - Rhodes Hair & Spa

A country Victorian girl at heart who made Glenferrie Hawthorn her new home at the tender age of sixteen and brought her budding passion for beauty and health with her. We sat down with Sonia to learn more about her journey to becoming the successful Read More...

Kim Noeldner - The Painted Pony

TAG sat down with the owner of The Painted Pony to learn about the business and any tips and tricks they have for our skin this Summer.  

What is The Painted Pony?


Holiday Season Survival Guide

We all know that the holiday season can wreak havoc with our health – we indulge in fatty foods, drink more and are usually less active during this time. But did you know that recent studies, by the New England Journal of Medicine, have shown that the weight gained during this period is often not lost until June (if at all!)? Read more...

Jetts Gym

Yep, it’s nearly Christmas and summer holidays again – how did that happen? End of year drinks, catch-ups with people you saw only a mere 12 months ago! Christmas parties, school breakups, work lunches, social dinners. ‘Tis the season after all! Read more...


Where to from here, for Glenferrie?

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