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August 20, 2019

Dad is currently working for the man, he has an idea, but you are scared about him settling, you trust him and his ability to provide, give him the ability to shine and be himself, give him the office that will help him achieve.

Much ado surrounds the hot topic of the future of work. Coworking spaces are popping up all over Australia + NZ and have become the future of work in terms of how companies are engaging spaces as a service verses traditional bricks and mortar.


Gone are the days where you need to invest tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in a work environment for your business. The co-working concept is a disruption to the traditional office space and its not just desks and chairs, its becoming a full, end-to-end concierge service.


The coworking industry has quadrupled over the last five years. Just last year alone in excess of $2Billion was invested in the sector making this a true global trend. Agile working is the new frontier for companies (60% of employers recruit & retain top talent by offering flexible workspaces). It not only fosters creativity but also adds flexibility to all types of organisations at multiple levels of their lifecycle (80% of people in co-working spaces are more motivated and productive)


CEO of Melbourne’s workspace provider CreativeCubes.Co, Tobi Skovron, says his company understands the needs of SME’s, large corporates, freelancers & start-ups and has built world-class facilities and services to support.


The space itself is a well-thought out balance of communal work desks, private desks and private offices, connected via shared spaces, break-out lounge areas and private meeting rooms such as a ‘Hustle Room’ for getting down to serious business.


“We have large corporates like UBER & Eats operating out of our locations. We have government organisations that are downsizing & need flex for their staff. We also have a large majority of SMEs and a handful of startups that we’re supporting daily too. We’re home to not-for-profit organisation Startup Victoria and we have venture-backed companies, spanning 43 different industries,” says Skovron. “We even support all the way to a young guy who’s just finished university at Swinburne, had an idea for reinventing the toothbrush and we teamed up with MYOB to sponsor him for 12 months rent free to come and exercise his idea in our environment”.


Companies like Lululemon, Snapchat, Fitbit & ASX Listed Real Estate Australia (REA) also frequent CreativeCubes.Co for off-site meetings utilising board rooms and their two hundred person curated event spaces.


Priding itself on fostering an uplifting culture, experience and environment, CreativeCubes.Co’s point of difference is their Happiness Team™, a ‘turnkey’ concierge service.


“We are a six star experience at a three star price point” says Chief Commercial Officer Gawin Fernando. “We’ve taken the generic office space, loaded it with everything required for the future of work, taking our member’s experience beyond the next level. This includes investing time and effort into making sure we have the right talent on our team to make the experience for our members better than anything they’ve had before”.


A great example of that is recruiting Happiness Team™ leader Shardae Mazzeo who’s background was in VIP Services at The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.


“Shardae brings her experience of dealing with VIPs to CreativeCubes.Co,” adds Skovron. “The Happiness Team is the heartbeat of the space. They’re the connectors, listeners and doers intuitively in sync with the needs of our members keeping them going with mind-blowing service. They’re not just a function of the space, they are the DNA of our space”.


If you’re the right fit for the community, a right fit for our mantra and values, it doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from, if you are driven and have the right mindset, you’re welcome into our home.” Fernando says.


“Some members have done some of their biggest deals by just connecting with another member in the building. There is instant trust because we have vetted and qualified them as part of our onboarding process” Fernando added


CreativeCubes.Co delivers space, fuel, wellness and access to an ecosystem to get people and their business buzzing all whilst playing a role in helping them go to the next level.


To learn more, you can visit www.CreativeCubes.Co


CreativeCubes.Co is located at 600 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn 


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Set Dad Free - CreativeCubes.Co

August 20, 2019

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